Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Route!

Here is our working route as of today. Check it out and note that it has changed! Because of our limited time-frame and, the overwhelming response we have gotten from our friends in the South, we have decided to focus on that region in the days leading up to the Inauguration. We are still planning on going to Philly and Chicago later on, probably on weekends after the Inauguration.

So, give it a look. If you know anyone in these areas that would like to talk to us or might possibly be able to put us up while we're in town, please let us know!

December 28-29 Farmville, VA
December 30 Richmond, VA
December 31 Greensboro, NC
January 1 Undetermined, NC
January 2 Columbia, SC
January 3 Columbus, GA
January 4 Columbus, GA; Atlanta, GA
January 5 Birmingham
January 6 Birmingham, Montgomery
January 7 Oxford, MS
January 8 Oxford, MS
January 9 New Orleans, LA
January 10 New Orleans, LA
January 11 New Orleans, LA
January 12-15 Tennessee, beginning with Memphis
January 16 Knoxville, TN
January 17 Whitesburg, KY
January 18 Undetermined KY/VA
January 19 DC

We are still looking for housing in Greensboro, NC, New Orleans, LA, Oxford, MS, all of Tennessee (Memphis and Knoxville), and Kentucky.

Thanks, everybody!
-Godfrey and Brandt

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  1. Hope it's going well! I can't wait to see more up on the blog. xo